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DNAwise wellness is a fitness related DNA testing package.

We can determine what kind of exercise and food are best for us thanks to the genetic package called DNAwise wellness. This kind of genetic testing exists. It is a... Read More

Saliva dna test can be conducted at home.

DNA collection kits are very common these days. They are used for various purposes, like to know our ancestors, hereditary characters, health risks, fitness level, best diet for individuals, weight... Read More

Want to lose weight ? We have a unique dna and genetic testing kit, which will help you.

A genetic bundle called DNAwise Wellness tells you about your inherited propensities for several aspects of fitness and nutrition. You can take the DNAwise Wellness test to learn your recommended... Read More

The need of testing your genes.

Why should you test you genetics of fitness? For most people, it's to understand how they measure up. For others, it's a medical need to know if they have inherited... Read More

Why is genetic testing important?

Genetic testing plays an important role in modern life. It helps to know what can be prevented before it reaches a crucial phase. As per science and technology, we now... Read More