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Physiotherapy is a medical profession where the treatment of pain, injuries, and any limitations is controlled by physical means. Physiotherapy reduces disability and promotes mobility and strength through various therapies... Read More

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Physiotherapy is an exercise that can prevent pain. It improves people’s quality of life and Restores movement and mobility. It also treats people affected by injuries and diseases. This is... Read More

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation is a planned program developed by physiotherapists to help people who have sustained an sports injury. On basis of the kind of injury you’ve suffered, your rehabilitation... Read More

As everyone knows, Delhi is a busy metropolis suitable for working-class people. Due to busy schedules, people are getting separated from their families and loved ones. The city is full... Read More

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Chiropractic is an alternative form of practice that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and analysis of mechanical disorders in the musculoskeletal system or human body. This pseudo-scientific therapy can be... Read More

physiotherapists are Licensed healthcare professionals, they can help you reduce pain and restore mobility by using physical therapy methods. They can help with movement disorders that may be present at... Read More