Best Ice candy In Kochi: Peni Ice Candy n

"Peni Ice Candy, since 1997, our mission has been simple, to redefine what ice candy can be. We do this by focusing on two things that are never compromised – hygiene and quality. We use only the finest ingredients to create a variety of delicious ice candies in 3 different categories .Water-Based Ice Candies available in a variety of refreshing flavors like grape, pineapple, orange, lemonade, and green apple, pulpy mango, tropical grape, and passion fruit. Milk-Based Ice Candies available in rose milk, semiya and fruit salad.Our cream-based including coffee, strawberry, butterscotch, deliight, salted caramel, pista, chocolate, cream & cookies, peanut butter, mango, jack fruit, tender coconut, chikku, and avocado.