Exploring The Types Of Public Interest Litigation||M&M Law Partners

Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in India encompasses various types, including Representative Social Action (RSA) and Citizen Social Action, which aim to address societal issues and promote justice. RSA enables individuals or groups to advocate for marginalized communities in court, while Citizen Social Action involves collective efforts to uphold public rights. PIL petitions are filed by identifying issues, gathering evidence, preparing petitions, choosing the appropriate court, filing the petition, serving notice to respondents, attending court proceedings, and following court orders. PIL can be filed in High Courts or the Supreme Court, and various factors, such as constitutional framework, progressive social laws, liberal interpretation of legal standing, expansion of fundamental rights, judicial innovations for the marginalized, and commissions for evidence collection, have contributed to its growth. PIL serves as a powerful tool for promoting social justice and accountability, and legal assistance can be sought from organizations like M&M Law Partners.