Piano Technicians St. Louis, MO

Why Choose Vanguard Piano Service?
Our Registered Piano Technicians have Experience, Provide Excellent Service, and are Committed to Continued Education

Experienced Technician
When choosing a technician, experience matters. Ty Uphoff began his technical training at the age of 16. With over two decades of experience in multiple states he has serviced thousands of instruments. It takes years of training to learn the skills necessary to service a piano and more years afterwards to be able to do both quality work and do so in a timely manner. While experience is an important component of choosing your technician, arguably one could have decades of experience without advancing their knowledge.

In addition to over two decades experience as a technician, Ty plays the piano. His expertise in piano care and maintenance comes from a passion for achieving the best playing experience. While being capable at playing the piano may not be required to service one, playing well enough to speak the language of the most discerning players is critical when it comes to bringing the best out of their instruments.